Advanced Leadership Modules

Located in one of Canada's most beautiful National Historic Sites, Royal Roads University has a long history of excellence. In 2015, they celebrated 75 years of leadership and learning - 55 years as a military college and 20 years as a public applied research university.

Led by Royal Roads University facilitators, participants experience workshops and team discussions, on key leadership competencies and are challenged to review their own leadership styles.


Brave-hearted leadership is needed and being called forth; we are at an urgent and disruptive time in human history that calls on our best selves to lead with courage, love and fierce determination. Together, we explore: What is Warriorship? What does it mean to lead brave-hearted? How can we best access this wisdom? And sustain it? And inspire it in others? How can we build a community of diverse warriors who can individually and collectively contribute to transformative change?

This engaging workshop will harness the energy and wisdom in the room to co-create a safe and courageous space to explore Warriorship. Participants leave with teachings, reflections, and the inspiration to lead brave-hearted.


There is growing evidence that the idea that cognitive or deep diversity (diversity in how people feel, think, and act) can effect real change for organizations. With growing global inter connectedness, organizations are increasingly looking for leaders who can lead teams of diverse thinkers. 

Through exercises and group work, participants will explore the notion of neuroleadership and particularly the significant benefits of diverse ways of thinking and being. Examine how brain physiology informs leadership styles and learn to lead with innovation and creativity through whole brain thinking. 


Within this session, participants develop an understanding of individual approaches to bringing about change in complex systems. You will examine how you currently react to organizational change, and learn tools to change reactive patterns to become a more adaptive and transformational leader. 

Learn tools so that you can create the conditions necessary so that people at all levels can work productively to their potential. You will explore human behavior, and use this knowledge to create models of good leadership, organizational strategy, and transformative systems design.


Discover the power of navigating complexity with an emergent approach. Witness how two interdependent opposites reveal themselves, take shape, and impact the development of humans, communities, systems, and nations.

Through small group work and activities, this module investigates how polarities within organizations can be challenging to work place efficiencies unless managed. Learn how to convert resistance to change to a resource for sustainable, ongoing change-ability. 

Leadership Learning Facilitators

Teara Fraser, MA, CEC
CEO, Raven Institute | CEO, Iskwew Air

Teara, a proud Métis bridge builder, is a commercial pilot and former CEO of Kîsik Aerial Survey, an air operation she built from the ground up. Becoming a pilot was transformational, truly giving this young Indigenous woman wings and she loves to see others fall in love with flight. She established the Aviation Leadership Foundation, recently launched Give them Wings (Indigenous Youth Taking Flight), and she serves as Board Director for the British Columbia Aviation Council. With the launch of Iskwew Air, Teara's entrepreneurial spirit takes her into a new arena as the first Indigenous woman to launch an airline in Canada.

As the visionary of the Raven Institute, she sees connected hearts, minds, and hands in a united and thriving nation.  A new initiative RavenSPEAK (Indigenous changemakers visible, masterful, amplified, and connected) is where stories are told, truths are unearthed, voices are heard, and a new narrative begins elevating the important messages and remarkable profiles of Indigenous peoples.

Teara holds a Master of Arts in Leadership degree from Royal Roads University, and she is a Certified Executive Coach. The journey of learning now takes her back to Royal Roads as Associate Faculty and to Fielding University where she is studying in the Human Development Ph.D. program.

Most recently, Teara was named one of Canada's 2020 Top 25 Women of Influence, and one of the Women's Executive Network (WXN) 2019 Canada's Most Powerful Women: Top 100 Award Winner.

Guy Nasmyth, PhD
Principal, Guy Nasmyth Consulting Services

As a former senior leader with the federal government, Guy Nasmyth, PhD., has a longstanding interest in leadership and leadership development. After launching his own consulting practice, Nasmyth started consulting full time with the government as well as with for-profit and non-profit organizations. Nasmyth teaches at the graduate level in the schools of Leadership Studies and Professional and Continuing Studies at Royal Roads University. He also teaches in the Master of Arts in Community Development at the University of Victoria.

Through his program at the University of Victoria, Nasmyth teaches in India as well as on campus in Victoria. He has recently been working with the government in Cambodia teaching leadership at the middle management level. He has also facilitated and taught in Bangkok with a focus on systems thinking and leadership. He was the keynote speaker at an annual convention for the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada.

Nasmyth holds a Master of Arts in Leadership and Training from Royal Roads University, a Master of Arts in Human and Organizational Systems and a PhD in Organizational Development and Change from Fielding Graduate University.