Innovative program which promotes relationship building and reconciliation

Over 6 days, this program will bring together 40 Canadian emerging leaders for two days of educational modules and three days of experiential dialogues, on Vancouver Island.

The 5 educational modules, delivered by leading academics and practitioners from the Institute for the Study of International Development and Vancouver Island University examines indigenous and non-indigenous governance structures which contribute directly to the program's dialogue. The modules will explore how flourishing national and regional economies are rooted in structures of sustainability that include responsible and ethical governance, technical innovation, cultural intelligence, and collaboration.

The five modules are:

  • Leadership, Self and Community: Understanding the Role of Culture, Language, Traditions in Effective Leadership
  • Balancing Community Socioeconomic Objectives to promote Community Well-being
  • Inspiring Action for Healthy Community Development
  • Building Community Leadership Skills and Capabilities
  • Collaborative and Respectful Leadership in a Globalized/Localized World.

During the 3 days of experiential dialogues, you will gain experience in the field with diverse entrepreneurs and executives of band councils, business enterprises, labour unions, government departments as well as civil society organizations. As these sectors face complex economic, social and environmental issues, there are also emerging opportunities for innovation. You will learn from practitioners about leadership strategies and management of major organizational issues; and dialogue within team groups to challenge your leadership assumptions and gain insights applicable to positional, career, and organization opportunities

During the program you will:

  • BENEFIT from the delivery of five modules on the themes of Ethics and Good Governance; Inclusiveness, Diversity and Community Engagement; Collaborative Leadership and, Sustainability
  • WORK IN A SMALL GROUP with a balance of gender, indigenous, non-indigenous and sector representation, to develop a paper on how this will impact your leadership within your organizations and communities
  • CREATE A NETWORK of leaders across business, government, labour and civil society
  • STRENGTHEN RELATIONSHIP TIES between indigenous and non-indigenous leaders and develop cultural intelligence capabilities
  • OBTAIN A CERTIFICATE of completion
  • BECOME A PART OF the global Emerging Leaders' Dialogues 5,000 alumni network