Our Impact

Impact statement

ELD Canada is unique for operating cross-sector, global leadership programs where emerging leaders gain experience and understanding of the processes under which multiple sectors operate.

The programs provide peer to peer dialogue on inclusivity and diversity so that they are prepared to lead diverse teams and work with diverse partners in an increasingly interconnected world.

By working together, these leaders can utilize the necessary knowledge, investment, technologies and resources to address industry issues which can be overlooked by a single-sector approach.

Leadership competencies developed through ELD Canada programs include:

» cultural intelligence

» complex problem solving

» ethical decision making

» collaborative negotiation

» inclusion and diversity

» promotion of innovation

» conflict management


Program Impacts

Growing capable, ethical leaders is one of the most important and complicated responsibilities countries have. ELD Canada programs recognize that leadership does not come just from a textbook but rather from experiences that create dialogue and build the emotional and intellectual capacity of participants. The true impact of our programs extends well beyond the number of individuals in each cohort. The competencies each emerging leader acquires extend to the day-to-day interactions with colleagues in their respective organizations and out to the multiple stakeholders their organization serves, and becomes deeply embedded in their critical thinking which they carry with them as they advance in their careers. This is how together, we grow the future leaders of the Commonwealth.

» Dissemination of leadership best practices shared amongst colleagues and peers;

» Preparation of leaders with innovative skills to implement sustainable development techniques within their own organizations;

» Strengthening of relationships between leaders across the Commonwealth, creating opportunities for stronger professional and economic ties;

» Increased economic opportunities and partnerships between Commonwealth leaders and organizations;

» Expansion of an inter-generational leader's alumni network spanning business, government, labour and civil society;

» Certification of emerging Commonwealth leaders  through participation in the program.

What program alumni tell us

Empowered by their experience, they have advanced to top levels of leadership in their organizations, communities and countries. As alumni they:

  • volunteer for leadership roles in their communities
  • sponsor emerging leaders from their organizations to participate in ELD Canada programs
  • volunteer on regional and country committees planning next level alumni forums and future programs
  • lead national legacy projects and programs, and
  • provide funding needed to sustain the programs.

ELD Canada has given me  a wider view of the global political economy and how we all fit into it. As a professional Accountant and a Trade Unionist I was able to see how financial analysis and workers' rights could be blended to shape my approach to dealing with national and regional issues and has placed me on a path to interact with leaders of governments in many countries and with international development partners. I am now the President of the Jamaica Civil Service Association, the largest public sector union in Jamaica; a Vice President of the National Trade Union Center, The Jamaica Confederation of Trade Unions; and sit on several boards inside and outside of the public sector. 

O'Neil W. Grant, CCELD 2011, President of the Jamaica Civil Service Association