What program alumni tell us

Empowered by their experience, they have advanced to top levels of leadership in their organizations, communities and countries. As alumni they:

  • volunteer for leadership roles in their communities
  • sponsor emerging leaders from their organizations to participate in ELD Canada programs
  • volunteer on regional and country committees planning next level alumni forums and future programs
  • lead national legacy projects and programs, and
  • provide funding needed to sustain the programs.

Hear from our alumni

I could not have anticipated the remarkable impact that the dialogue would have on me both immediate and ongoing. What struck me about the participants was a shared passion and commitment towards making a contribution and a strong interest in giving back and making a positive difference.Throughout the study tours we increased our understanding of the importance of dynamic leadership and gained insights which are still relevant today. These insights came to us not through a lecture hall setting but by multiple real interactions.

Nadiya Figueroa, CCELD 2011, Dean of the Rhodes Scholarships, Director of Leadership and Change. Oxford University

This unique conference provided me with a previously unmatched experience that opened my eyes to new potential within myself. Through the interactions with others in my assigned group, I experienced highly emotional and mentally challenging problem solving that resulted from the integration of employer representatives, union leaders, worker representatives and social activists seeking to resolve inconsistencies via the individual lenses we all view life through.The experience has changed the way I listen to other parties and has made me more sensitive to the way I am interpreted when I respond or react to the input and responses from others.

Patricia Carr, ELSCD 2018, Servicing Labour Relations Officer, Ontario Nurses' Association

Participation in the program has strengthened my ability to serve through leadership within the many communities I am affiliated with. The exchange helped me better understand alternative perspectives and see the world through a different lens. Having my own viewpoints challenged, my level of selfawareness increased which helped reinforce my identity as an indigenous person. I have expanded on my own capacity as a young individual by heightening my competency on the issues pertaining to inclusiveness, diversity, collaboration, sustainability, ethics and good governance. I am enlivened to work toward advancing my community culturally, environmentally and economically. I feel emboldened to navigate the waters of the unknown because of my participation in ELSCD.

Adonis Trujillo, ELSCD 2017, Program Manager, Microsoft

ELSCD is an immersive leadership experience. The program brings together professionals from various sectors and communities to engage with each other in a unique setting where some of the most pressing challenges are explored, bringing different perspectives to the table as a way of advancing the thinking on these topics while stimulating collaboration.

Carlos Leal, ELSCD 2018, Manager, Advisory Services, EY


ELD Canada has given me  a wider view of the global political economy and how we all fit into it. As a professional Accountant and a Trade Unionist I was able to see how financial analysis and workers' rights could be blended to shape my approach to dealing with national and regional issues and has placed me on a path to interact with leaders of governments in many countries and with international development partners. I am now the President of the Jamaica Civil Service Association, the largest public sector union in Jamaica; a Vice President of the National Trade Union Center, The Jamaica Confederation of Trade Unions; and sit on several boards inside and outside of the public sector. 

O'Neil W. Grant, CCELD 2011, President of the Jamaica Civil Service Association

I attended and participated in the Emerging Leaders for Sustainable Development, which was very engaging and had a very thought provoking element each day from the speakers, delegates and the business tours. I really appreciated the different perspectives, insights and dialogue that were had.  Coming from an Indigenous perspective, the discussions were very empowering, culturally and intellectually stimulating and I felt like delegates were being heard. The ELSD space promoted the differing opinions and dialogue in a respectful learning environment.

Paula Amos, ELSCD 2017, Partner at Indigenous Worx

This program brought together leaders of all levels from government, unions, NGO's, private industry, and community in a manner that broke down natural and created barriers; we all learned and emerged transformed in some way. Through this program I developed a strong belief that the struggles and progress on the pathway to authentic reconciliation will be beneficial to all Canadians.

Brian Haugen, ELSCD 2018, Director of Education and Engagement, International Union of Operating Engineers