ELD Canada partners with individuals and organizations who share a commitment to education, who believe that intelligent and ethical leadership leads to good governance and that good governance is essential to stability and economically sound social growth.

Funding is used to provide program support for ELD Canada's leadership development programs, to increase the number of participants by increasing the number of program locations and to ensure program content is maintained at top levels. The support received also contributes to building a sustaining fund for the programs over the long term.
The funds received are used for:

  • scholarships for deserving participants who may lack sponsorship but exhibit the promise of career advancement;
  • increasing the numbers of emerging leaders able to participate in the educational opportunity through additional program frequency in Canada and the Commonwealth where there is a widely recognized need for increasing leadership capacity;
  • monitoring leading-edge leadership educational developments and trends and ensuring they are made available in the educational modules offered for participants;
  • an online capability for alumni to partake in continuous learning and gaining experience through peer to peer leader networking.

Eld Canada's funding strategy is diversified and has four elements:

  1. The President's Council has Patrons and Members who make annual donations to support ELD Canada operations.
  2. Participant fees are charged per program which covers the cost of facilitators, accommodation, catering and transportation. This fee is often paid by participant's sponsoring organization, and ELD Canada also works to match sponsors with bursary applicants.
  3. In-kind contributions from partners of venue space and admin support. Alumni provide their time and experience as organizers, hosts and mentors.
  4. Low overhead is essential to ensuring that nearly 80% of donations and revenue are spent on program delivery.