Emerging Leaders for Sustainable Community Development program 2019

June 16 - 22, 2019

Acadia University, Wolfville, Nova Scotia

Registration is Open Until June 5, 2019

An innovative program which provides an opportunity for leaders to examine the relationship between industry and community across multiple sectors in real life settings, and to be challenged on their assumptions and preconceived notions of what it takes to be a leader.

Emerging Leaders' Dialogues Canada, in partnership with Acadia University, is delivering the Emerging Leaders for Sustainable Community Development program in the idyllic community of Wolfville and on the campus of one of Canada's finest small universities.

The core concepts of leadership, sustainability, and rurality provide the foundation for the 2019 program, which takes a 21st century perspective on the place of rural communities and rural spaces in the future of Canada.

Grounded in the economic, sociocultural, and political narratives of the nation, rural space has moved beyond the threadbare but accurate designation of the "breadbasket of the nation," to figure prominently in new Canadian discourses. While politicians explore ways to revive and strengthen rural regions, entrepreneurial and forward-thinking leaders are already tapping into new opportunities stemming, for example, from our increasing awareness of health and wellness. This has produced new understandings around organic foods, sustainable agricultural practices, renewable resources, and culinary tourism, to name a few. While these are examples of first-rate innovative leadership, they also provoke tensions, often generating conflict within communities and regions.

This innovative 6-day program engages participants in a careful examination of rural leadership development in Nova Scotia which, while local, exemplify issues that are national and international in reach. We explore the many forms of leadership that try to move rural agendas forward in ways that respect tradition, yet open the doors to untapped opportunities for growth, social and cultural renewal, and the rise of new rural possibilities.

You will engage with visionary leaders who are transforming rural spaces, as well as with researchers and scholars of rurality and rural sustainable development.

This executive program will facilitate dialogue amongst participants by exposing you to leadership strategies for balancing competing priorities while forging collaborative relationships across communities and sectors. You will explore strategies for tackling economic and social issues, for creating an environment of collaboration among industry, communities, and government sectors, and for engaging in leadership practices that lead to successful change.

The program is a combination of educational modules, experiential tours and facilitated dialogue focused on three theme areas:

  • Harnessing Local Resources
  • Addressing Social and Economic Challenges
  • Leading Change

The modules, delivered by leading local scholars and visionary leaders, will explore how flourishing national and regional economies are rooted in structures of rural sustainability that include principled governance, innovation, cultural insight, and authentic partnerships.

During the experiential learning tours you will visit with and hear from entrepreneurs, executives and leaders from labour, business, Indigenous communities, government and community organizations, and have the opportunity to discuss with them the strategies they utilize to overcome challenges in their own organizations and sectors.

As rural spaces face complex economic, social, and environmental issues, there are also emerging opportunities for realizing new forms of innovative leadership. You will take part in dialogues within team groupings that will challenge your leadership assumptions and yet provide unique opportunities for personal and professional growth.

During the program you will:

  • BENEFIT from the delivery of three modules on the themes of Harnessing Local Resources, Addressing Social and Economic Challenges and Leading Change
  • GAIN core competencies including Cultural intelligence, Complex problem solving, Ethical decision-making, Collaborative negotiation, Inclusion & diversity, Promotion of innovation and Conflict management
  • WORK IN A SMALL GROUP with a balance of gender, country and sector representation, to develop a presentation on how this will impact your leadership within your organizations and communities
  • CREATE A NETWORK of leaders across business, government, labour and civil society
  • STRENGTHEN RELATIONSHIP TIES between regions, provinces and sectors
  • OBTAIN A CERTIFICATE of completion from ELD Canada and Acadia University 
  • BECOME A PART OF the global Emerging Leaders' Dialogues 5,000 alumni network