The Duke of Edinburgh’s Commonwealth Study Conference

Canada, May 27 - June 10, 2022

In May 2022, The Duke of Edinburgh's Commonwealth Study Conference will bring together 300 of the world's most promising emerging leaders from business, government, labour, and the community sector.

Over two weeks, the Conference will expose each member to new experiences, provoking arguments and different perspectives, so that the quality and relevance of their decision-making as leaders is improved.

For emerging leaders around the Commonwealth of Nations, CSC2022 in Canada is the learning, networking and personal development experience of a lifetime.

A Unique and Powerful Leadership Development Program

The CSC process of experiential learning and peer-to-peer dialogue makes for a highly interactive and intensely cross-sectoral leadership development program.

Over 15 days, emerging leaders from around the world get first-hand experience with critical issues and leadership challenges while working and travelling with their peers. The unique programming builds knowledge, skills and confidence in working in diverse groups and complex situations.

Members deepen their understanding of their leadership responsibility and how the decisions they make are critical for the broader community as well as their own organization.

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