An investment in the future of leadership

We are at a pivotal time to solidify this innovative leadership training in the Commonwealth to foster the next generation of globally connected leaders. Your support of ELD Canada programs will pave the way for our shared vision to expand the reach of these important dialogues now and into the future, thereby ensuring key regions benefit from capable, ethical and global-focused leadership.

Your support will provide resources so that ELD Canada can offer:

» Opportunities for Younger Emerging Leaders: Demographics in the workforce have changed meaning many new leaders are under the age of 30; a focus on this key demographic group ensures reciprocal, cross generational learning amongst participants.

» Prevention and resolution of conflicts: Bringing together discussion groups of participants from diverse regions and sectors fosters opportunities for dialogue between those who may otherwise be in conflict.

» Focus on attainable, sustainable community development: Natural resource management, alternative energy, food security, and disaster resiliency are key components of program learning modules and experiential dialogue tours.

» Alumni Mentoring: Alumni from four prior programs serve as mentors and collaborators to support the Sustainable Development Goals work with representatives of the various organizations.