Barb Crompton, President Springstreet Communications

Barb Crompton
Barb Crompton has over 18 years of experience working with the corporate sector in consulting, training and project management. Barb has had the opportunity to work in a wide spectrum of industries including financial services, insurance, education, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, not-for-profit and compliance.

Barb's commitment to systemic solutions and holistic approaches to complex issues began with providing over a decade of experience in organizational change, employee training and program development in the areas of corporate wellness and work-life balance with Health Systems Group and the Centre for High Performance. Barb remains a Senior.

Following her role as Executive Director of a major Toronto-based insurance association, Barb joined DBA Communications in 1999 as their primary conference manager and helped to build and establish their successful conference division in the constantly evolving financial services sector of the offshore industry throughout the Caribbean. In 2005, Barb formed Springstreet Communications Inc. where she continues to work extensively with associations in not-for-profit sector. Based on practical experience and working with clients in diverse settings, she has provided services in program design & implementation, facilitation, communication, planning, sponsorship coordination, staff management and event production.