Canada and Commonwealth Regions Benefit from Capable, Ethical Leadership

Who we are

Emerging Leaders' Dialogues Canada Inc. (ELD Canada) is a registered Canadian charity which brings together early to mid-career leaders and places them in unique one-week experiential programs to build their smarts and their ethics and become top decision makers in their organizations, communities and countries. We're multisectoral and bring together leaders from arts, education, environment, indigenous communities, unions, private and public sectors, public health, and civil society organizations.

With a community of peers, participants:

  • learn from an advanced leadership curriculum, taught by seasoned academics,

  • gain in-field experience working with diverse entrepreneurs and executives, learning about leadership strategies and management of major organization issues

  • participate in group challenges to test skills, assumptions and gain insights

  • present their thesis and learning's at a conference, and

  • become alumni members who act as mentors and funders


Mission Statement

CONNECT: through experiential, in-field leadership development programs

DEVELOP: ethical, accountable, forward thinking, culturally intelligent, leadership skills

DIALOGUE: between emerging leaders from diverse sectors, age groups, backgrounds, and geographic locations

ENGAGE: peer-to-peer, leader-to-emerging leader, in a global context

INSPIRE: through Alumni leadership in a culturally and economically connected world

Our Vision

ELD Canada will build on its clarity of vision, the strength of its funding model and the success achieved. In partnership with leading academic institutions and supporting organizations, the vision includes:

  1. Annual Emerging Leaders for Sustainable Community Development (ELSCD) and Caribbean - Canada Emerging Leaders' Dialogues (CCELD) programs located in Canada, the Caribbean, and other Commonwealth countries
  2. Annual President's Council Leadership Forums and Recognition Dinners with HRH, the Princess Royal, Princess Anne
  3. Alumni networking opportunities on line and at events which focus on Global leadership challenges
  4. Healthy and diversified revenue streams

How we work

We have a Board of Directors that meets 3 times each year. Our board has 10 directors of which 4 are alumni. We're a registered Canadian charitable organization, with approximately 80% of funds received committed to program delivery within Canada and Commonwealth countries.

A charity registered with the Canada Revenue Agency.

Registered Name: The Duke of Edinburgh Commonwealth Study Conferences Canada Inc.

Business Number: 832527261 RR0001